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Art is ...

... skilled, proud workmanship

... trusting effort, labor and challenges

... having just 2 seconds to impress you

... knowing time conspires against us

Good art doesn't decorate; it pushes limits, explodes conceptions, demands respect and creates a visceral response.

"There's something primal about painted images; our brains evolved around them. When human beings stand in front of paintings there's an unconscious dialog with the artist, in the same way that mirror neurons convey unconscious communication and information. The feeling experienced when someone is painting does come through when viewing original painting."

Karen Visser

"I am drawn to older things. I think it is their soul and history that speaks to me. I only recently realized a certain irony in my work, that I am consciously trying to preserve things and hold back the hands of time…. [I] am very preservation conscious of the work and the images…. What I am painting is essentially decay and a constant reminder of the futility of my effort."

Max Ferguson

Limits of Industrial Infrastructure

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